Elevating Imam Al Bukhari


Elevating Imam Al Bukhari
213 Pages
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the Status of Imam Al Bukhari and His Sahih by Dispelling the
Misconceptions Surrounding them for centuries, there have been numerous
attacks on the hadith, its narrators, scholars and compilations,
especially Imam Al Bukhari and his Sahih. These attacks in the past and
present are of various forms, and misconceptions have become widespread
due to new media. Thus, we consider it obligatory at this time to
produce a book that dispels these misconceptions, and preserves the
status of the hadith, especially its most authentic book – Sahih Al
Bukhari.The ‘Salaf Center for Research and Studies’ in defense of the
Sunnah saw it fit to defend the Sahih of Imam Al Bukhari, and refute its
castigators. This was achieved through gathering all the misconceptions
that have been spread on Sahih Al Bukhari, while presenting the
academic responses to those misconceptions such that it is
comprehensible to the layman, and sufficient for the one seeking the
truth. We hope that this book fills a gap in defending the pure Sunnah,
and is considered part of a debt paid towards this great book (Sahih Al
Bukhari) and its author Imam Al Bukhari.And Allah, only, is The Giver of


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