Muhammad As If You Can See Him


Muhammad As If You Can See Him

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“Indeed in the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad SAW) you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in (the Meeting with) Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much.” – Al Ahzab 21
Author’s note: It is often said that a writer of biographies should be neutral and unbiased, and even detached, from the object of his writing. This means that he should write a biography without interjecting into his work personal thoughts and feelings regarding the person he is writing about; furthermore, he should simply give an account of the events and occurrences of that person’s life, and thus allow readers to draw their own conclusions about who that person was, and about whether he was ultimately good or evil.
And yet I cannot be neutral as I write about the one human being who is nearest and dearest to my heart: Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah. After all, I am not writing about a political leader who, through his ideas and efforts, helped established a country in one of the corners of the earth; instead, I am writing about the Messenger of the Lord of all that exists, about a man who was sent as a mercy to all of mankind.
I am not writing about a ruler or dictator who subjugated people at the edge of a sword or at the point of a gun, a ruler who kept a firm grip on power by making his people fear him – by making them feel terrified of his very name. I am instead writing about one who was divinely protected one whose heart Allah opened, whose mistakes Allah forgave, and whose name Allah elevated. With all of that in mind, how, then, can I remain neutral?


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